Sadistik Still Awake

Sadistik tekstovi
[Verse 1]
I packed the bags below my eyelids
Soaked in ultraviolets, smoking Ultra-Violence
No compliance, oh I'm so defiant
(Vampires knock-knock, but I never let them in)
I packed the bags for frozen climates
Full of token triumphs, I show to those who spite it
Spineless, with their multiple disguises
(Vampires talk-talk, but I never question them)
They look so ugly on the inside
Giving me their lip while I'm swimming in the riptide
Ad-vice in my ear and out the other
Hearing what they mutter, peering from the shutters
Werewolves underneath, skin I wear, upper-teeth
Bicuspids coming like stalagmites, so f**k with me
In the company of wolves, you don't trust the ones you know
So I'm low, a hundred feet below

Oh, I'm underneath the full moon, howling like the wolves do
With no dreams to chase (I'm still awake)
I'm underneath the full moon, howling like the wolves do
With no dreams to chase (I'm still awake)
Still awake, still awake, heavy-headed pillowcase
Mind racing figure-eights, I'm still awake, still awake
Still awake, up all night to kill the brain
Twenty shots kills the pain, I'm still awake

[Verse 2]
So I follow tracks to kill my prey
I call them that, I do it for the thrill, the chase
I'll make 'em feel my blade, I'll make 'em pay
For what they did to me, I'll never sleep (I'm still awake)
Beneath the window pane, staring at blackness wide-eyed
Oedipus Complex with the matricide
How many days did I waste on the mattress side?
I can't decide
The sun don't shine when I'm up all night
Somehow I've become so light
That I float, oh so slow, over oceans, troubled tides
Couple highs, seasoned lows, subtleties I love to find
Even though I've become so blind, feel so low but I'm up so high
Yeah, than I've ever been, it's heaven-sent
Evanescing when I'm second-guessing my own rhetoric
Perfectionist with the sedative
Called melatonin and acetaminophen, that's for my head again


I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death
Dang, I'm still awake
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