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Comatose Ii. Space Cadet

COMATOSE (2 - Space cadet)

You're blue with a hint of green - Sky blue but green with envy
You're happy stupid lucky - You're young and you've got the world at your feet

Sky blue with a streak of black - You hate your friends but you always take them back
You're happy stupid lucky - Your head's in the clouds with your random thoughts
You lie but are stupid lucky - But still you lie like a cheap watch This is the day it all went wrong - Started to feel so isolated from all the people I knew so well
That Colonel Kurtz you know - That's pure genius I really think so
But it's school on Monday and I don't want to go - I've felt sometime that they've all been against me
I felt they're all trying to stop my bit of fun - But I've got a surprise for them
Cos on Monday I'm taking in a gun

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