Sail Away tekst - Orthodox Celts

Sail Away

Everyday’s question with a big bold question mark
Everything we do I don’t know is it wrong or right
We’re heading for tomorrow with pictures of the past
I’m scared to death of visions I’m getting out of here

Oh, how I like the silence beneath the rising sun
Out of world of vultures who reap the flesh of dumb
No matter what I’m sayin’ there’s no one you can trust
Alone I can’t do anything we’re sinkin’ anyhow

Sail away across the seven seas
Where the grass is greener and greener are the trees
Sail with me…
Sail with me…

So I built the world for dreamers just for you and me
You’re the only one to enter the only who can see
That truth is lark in darkness hidden in cross we bear
Together we’re the strongest above the east and west