Leads Me On tekst - Orthodox Celts

Leads Me On

It's the end of the day, it's quiet everywhere
The sun is fallin' down and goin' somewhere
In the last darkened view tell me what comes to you
Is it ghost of evil or the Angel light

While I'm feelin' all the pain
I am howlin' in the rain
The rain of tears that washed my sins
And leads me on and leads me on and leads me on ...

I remember that I walked through the gates that were locked
With optimistic thoughts upon my mind
But some day found me lost, I payed too much overcost
I lost my wings and my faith in you

In the dead of the night, there's no fear, there's no fright
We'll be together, You're in my dreams
There's no sign of the light, just my soul is burnin' bright
Hear the song and fly with me

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