Lyricold See You Soon

Lyricold tekstovi
[Verse 1: Lyricold]
Well I guess its safe to say I see my time has come
I hate to make you break but hey I'll see you soon enough
I know its hard and things are rough but don't be sad my son
Remember back on Christmas day?
The day that I lost Mom
You were my support
You were there
I held you close
But now I'm gone so turn to Bridgette she's the one you need the most
But don't be sad I know you'll think that its impossible but if you stop to think of all the
things that I accomplished you
Wouldn't think it hard
Michael son I made it far
I went from being nothing then you turned all of our lives around
You turned me to a star
You gave me life and then a car
You got me out the trailer park and then you gave your Dad a house
Don't be sad I'm gone cause son I'm only moving on and soon enough I'll see you at
the gates this place is beautiful
Til' then I love you all my son I hope your life is full of happiness and love
I know you strong I'm watching all of you

[Hook: Pfv]
They say goodbye is forever
But I know its not
They say I'm gone
I'm not
I'm gonna see you see
So Long
I'm gonna see you soon
For long
I'm gonna see you soon

[Verse 2: Lyricold]
I really tried another verse the purpose was to ease the burn
I feel cause Dad is gone I'm mad he's not here and it f**king hurts
I want the pain to stop
I hate this God its never gone
I wake up every morning with a 9 I'm so afraid he's not
Around to hear me when I talk
I reach out and I beg to God to show a sign or move an object anywhere just make it
I need to know he's not lost in time or stuck in thought
I thought that I could handle loss but not when Dad is what I lost
And so I tried to jot my thoughts down on a song just here
I lost the ones I loved the most and so I tried to represent
Myself in him to help me cope and so I guess I spent a minute getting words on paper
spinnin' but its tormenting
The storm will slowly pass and time relieves the pain I have
And he will always be the voice that grabs me when I'm feeling sad
And if I never have another chance to have a chat
I hope you know you raised a man and damn I'll always love you Dad


How do I live and how do I breathe
No its not the end but its all that I see
Hope that I can follow in your footsteps
Know that we were happy as it could get
Cause I can see the skyline up now
Cause I know that its you
Searching by myself just to find out
I'm never lost cause I got you

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