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Henry Metal tekstovi
Take the sword out of the stone (right now)
Eat the meat right off the bone
Enjoy the meat and if you've found
A piece of gristle spit it out

Actually, I'm not really sure what that last part was all about
Maybe, maybe someday, togther we can figure it out

Right about now i'd like to say
The middle of the tune 'bout to get heavy
Just in case you don't want to wait
I'll come correct with a melody... and it go...

La la la la.... LA....

When henry metal's here there is no need to fear
Guitars are crystal clear and drums are in your ear
When bass is rumblin' 'neath, it may tighten you sheath
And make you scream and shout and prance a bit about

And there may come a day when you cannot convey
How good it truly feels to rock so steadily
And riff so heavily with style and brevity
Making no frenemies but only melodies

Henry metal... henry metal... henry metal... henry

So now with earth, water, fire and air
And blessings from below and above
Shall I now retire to my lair
To create the tunes that you love
admin   16.05.2017.
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