No comin' attractions
Welcome to the feature presentation (Freebandz shit)
Please turn your ringers off â€' no talkin'
(Put in that work, nigga â€' paid dues)
Consider this the opening credits (the movie)
(Rags to riches, man)
(Seattle niggas are turnt)
Let's begin out show
Trust me, y'all ain't seen this movie before
Lean on me
Lean on me
A hundred rounds on me
FreeBandz with me
I'll say that shit twice
FreeBandz with me
I'll say that shit twice
That Audemars is on me
They gon' ride with me
That loud pack with me
Them Haitians with me
I keep that four with me
Ain't got a scale on me
Yeah, my niggas with me
And your bitches on me
They switchin' on me
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