Clean Bandit Heart On Fire

Clean Bandit tekstovi
(You got me spinning?)
You came indeed, I'm hijacked, it's a holdup.
I'm on the Ritz and (we spinning?) every time we touch.
My head is done and i think and think about you much.
I've never been the type of girl to dream about
Sugary things and I don't believe in fairy tales.
But now to me it's like your love is oxygen.
So hear me when I say this, boy I tell you true, I ain't easy.
There's something about you just make me so crazy.
I can't breath, you set my heart on fire.
Every single thing you do just set my heart on fire.
I struggle to breath, I can't breath, you set my heart on fire.
Start it again, I can't breath, you set my heart on fire.
All about the feeling, it's off, and I'm ahead in this.
It's a chemistry, I'm so jacked up on your medicine.
This thing is next, I'm so in, I'll take it any chance.
Boy, you got me freaking, I never thought I'd be like this.
When you go, I'm tweaking and pining for another fix.
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