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She's up before the day breaks
While I'm still asleep and dreaming
Cup of coffee, brush her hair
and then she's gone
'It's just a job' she tells herself
If I can make it through the day
Then I could make it through
tomorrow and be done
Force to smile for everybody
But don't let them get to close
They probably wouldn't understand
you anyway
Get home after sunset
Turn your back to the world
Let the flooded river
Carry you away
Ref. 2x
Nina, even though
We're far apart
You have never been closer
Nina, even though
You're far away
We have never been closer
It was the freezing cold December
When I first laid eyes upon her
A New Year quickly beating down the door
I said hello and ran a hand across her
shoulder blade to steal a touch
The smile in her eyes made me glow
I must have bored her with my charming conversation
Because she kissed me just to make me go away
It isn't easy
A pain I secretly enjoy
We have never been closer

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